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Procedures in criminal proceedings in India are governed by a law called code of criminal procedure. [ Cr.P.C ] Criminal rules of practice is also available for regulating the criminal cases. CrPC though same for all over India, some states have their own amendments to the law. Criminal rules of practice may also vary from state to state.

In tamilnadu the procedures are, generally the same under CrPC except in very few sections. For example,  trial of sessions cases are by the subordinate judge OR the chief judicial magistrate. Other cases are tried by the judicial magistrates. Offences under the Negotiable Instruments Act , popularly called as cheque dishonour case, traffic law violations and cyber laws are tried by the judicial magistrates. Bails in all non bailable cases can be filed in JM Courts under Indian penal code.

AB Anticipatory bail petition should be filed in District Courts. Complaints given to police but not registered by them can be filed in JM Courts. We assist people on how to face police enquiry in all cases. If police refuse to register cases or FIR, we provide legal assistance for filing in human rights courts and human rights commissions.

Compensation for victims in all matters can be claimed both in civil courts and criminal courts. For women, cases under protection and women from Domestic Violence Act shortly called DV case can be filed  in magistrate courts in Coimbatore and other cities in India.


People in need of legal service in dowry harassment cases, Section 498 A cases whether as complainant [ wife or father in law ] or as accused [ Son in law / husband ] can approach us. We provide counselling in suitable cases.

We offer legal services for both sessions cases and others in Coimbatore and other cities in India.

The problem for NRIs in criminal cases is that they have to appear personally before the police or in the court. To avoid such personal appearance in suitable cases, we advice them to avoid being arrested by filing AB Anticipatory bail petition. Similarly, to register a criminal case, the complainant should appear before the police or the court as the case may be. However online consultation for registering criminal cases can be had.

In a classical case we handled, we registered a dowry harassment case against NRI and succeeded in bringing him before the court. Ultimately the matter was settled to the satisfaction of both sides. We have also saved 100s of NRIs from landing up in jail on false complaints of dowry harassment. In some instances, we got assistance from Embassies to secure the spouses who where untraceable in foreign countries.


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