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The plaintiff who files the case should file all the documents to support his case. Once his case is numbered, the court will ask the opposite party ( defendant) to appear in the court on a particular date through a written order called Summons. If the defendant fails to appear in the court on that day, the court will pass an order against him in his absence. (Ex Parte Order) If the defendant files his version of the case (Written Statement) Court will fix a date for oral examination of witnesses and parties (Trial). After this Stage, the Court will hear arguments by the lawyers for the plaintiff and the defendant. It can be oral or written or both. Finally the court will pass a Judgement. The Judgement contains the reasons for the court to arrive at a decision. The final order of the court to be obeyed by the parties to the case is called Decree.

Why Us?

We provide legal consultation and advice to clients over email, phone or in person. We draft legal documents like  sale Deed, Deed of Will etc., and court documents. We conduct trials in civil cases and criminal cases in India. We have won more than thousand cases in India ensuring property rights to our clients and releasing innocent people from jails.

We can protect the property rights from encroachment and unauthorised occupation by tenants etc., to prevent encroachment, we can get stay orders from the court to get rights under sale agreement of land, buildings etc, we can file civil cases. To get property rights under Deed of Will, we can draft legal Wills, conduct cases to settle disputes. We can get shares in the property by filing suit for partition of properties. If the property is indivisible, we can get the court orders for sale of the property. We provide legal assistance at your door step in deserving cases. We are family lawyers for hundreds of families and individuals for many decades.

If the tenant in your building refuses to vacate or fail to pay monthly rents illegally, we can file a petition under Buildings Act and through a court order in RCOP we can legally evict him. If your landlord or building owner illegally attempting to disconnect your water service connection and electricity service connection and evict you, we are there to protect you!

We are Real Estate Lawyers in all major cities in India. Our Real Estate Advocates deal with Commercial Properties and other Properties. Our Real estate property consultancy service are providing Legal consultancy for Real estate companies. Our Legal consultancy is for buying and selling Home,land ,other buildings. We are well known Property lawyers and consultants in Coimbatore and Other Cities in Tamilnadu.


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